Test Trial Rides For New Trial - Lavender Cycling Trail
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Test Trial Rides For New Trial

Keen cyclists and trail builders Helen Dominish and George Adams brought a group of friends along to test the main (as yet unnamed trail) to see if it was viable and worth riding.

George Adams had been deeply involved in the planning and construction of the Lavender Federation Trail (LFT) so was able to see the great potential of a cycling trail that closely followed that trail.

From early on it was realised that the cycling trail would not be a full duplication of the LFT as that was designed with walkers in mind, it was going into farmland and private properties, it had stiles and narrow paths not suited to cycling (well for most anyway).

So George & Helen and thier crew set about finding nice back-roads to skirt any of the spots that went into private land. They found plenty of great alternatives and were also able to follow the same ethos of the LFT, of bringing people into to the townships along the way (or as close as possible), so the local folks had the opportunity to gain some extra customers and riders to find rest and supplies.

The final verdict for whether they should build the trail was a resounding “YES!” and comments such as “Let’s build it, so everyone can enjoy the ride and fantastic scenery”