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Eudunda Southern Ridge Loop Trail

The Uncool Cycling Club run by Helen Dominish, Cycling Blogger and Co-Founders of the Lavender Cycling Trail (See acknowledgement of this group) has developed another cycling trail, this time to the South of Eudunda.

Helen has named this one the ‘Eudunda Southern Ridge Loop Trail‘ and some of her friends from the Uncool Cycling Club got to enjoy the first public outing of the 31 kilometre loop trail back last August.

The trail is mostly gravel, some clay, some moderate uphill and downhill, quiet backroads, great views and some historic areas to visit.

Check out the great writeup on:
The Uncool Cycling Club

Eudunda is only a short tip from Adelaide, a safe 1.5 hours drive, so a fantastic day out for you.

If you are thinking of making a weekend of the ride, consider staying in the area, as Hotels, Motel, B&B’s and the Caravan Park make this option possible. This would give you the chance to enjoy the area’s second great riding loop trail ‘Eudunda To Inspiration Point Loop Trail‘ (also developed by Helen).

Not only is ‘Inspirational Point’ one of the focal locations of the top of the range you are riding along, worth a visit just for the views, but the ride is fairly friendly and you will enjoy the back roads, with great views for much of the 54 kilometer ride.

Photo thanks to Helen Dominish